ABOUT Victoria-by-the-sea


Everyone says the same thing about this picturesque sea-side village. When you wander about the old brightly coloured homes and smell the salt air you are transported back to a simpler time. This is a place full of rich history. James Bardin Palmer founded Victoria by the Sea in 1819. Because of the ideal location on the coast, Palmer and his family developed a grid pattern for the village on their property. There were many businesses and three wharves here by the late 1800’s and it was a bustling seaport, with trade reaching to locations in Europe and the West Indies.

For a small walking village, Victoria surprisingly has 22 businesses including 4 restaurants, Victoria Chocolates, the Victoria Playhouse, art galleries, kayak rentals (with clam digging tours), crafts shops, pottery shops and The Grand Victorian Weddings and Events Venue. There are lighthouses and 2 beaches which are perfect for families. The water is warm, and you can jump off the dock at high tide or explore the tidal pools at low tide. The beaches are separated by an operational wharf where you can watch the fishing boats come in with their catches.

Travel here is easy as it is mid-way between Charlottetown and Summerside. It is just off the Trans-Canada Highway (which by-passed the village in the 1950’s and allowed it to preserve its charm) and only 15 minutes from Confederation Bridge. If you are looking for accommodations, Victoria Cottages and The Orient Hotel are right in the village. There are many other cottage rental options close by.
Come and spend a day here and you will not want to leave. In Victoria, you may find yourself walking slower, breathing deeper and feeling relaxed. The locals will probably wave to you and say hello as you stroll around the community. They will make you feel as if you belong here because you do.