Marly Anderson has been giving excellent customer service for over 14 years. She has experience working in the food and beverage industry both in Edmonton and Prince Edward Island. She has a gift in her way to connect with people and make them feel truly special. One of Marly’s favorite things to do is plan events. Her most recent employment was at Sim’s Corner Steakhouse and Oyster Bar where she increased her knowledge of spirits, exceptional table service, fine wine, and wine and food pairings.



Greg Anderson is a teacher who travelled extensively before returning to PEI. He then met Marly while bartending in Charlottetown. He worked side by side with Marly for years behind the bar before becoming a school counsellor. Greg loves helping people and takes his role of a counsellor (but not himself) very seriously. He is now the marriage commissioner for the Grand Victorian. Greg believes that it is an honour to be part of your wedding ceremony.



Kaela is from Summerside, PEI and grew up cooking. She graduated from The Atlantic Culinary Institute in 2010. She then worked at Dalvay By The Sea under Chef Mitchell Jackson. In 2011 Kaela moved to Sims Corner Steakhouse where Chef Ross Munro hired her. Shortly after she started at Sims Corner, Chef Kyle Panton took over, and she owes a great deal of her knowledge and expertise to him. In December 2012, she had a wonderful opportunity to learn in Montreal. Kaela gained valuable experience in some very highly ranked restaurants before deciding it was time to move back to Prince Edward Island.

Upon her return to PEI in 2014, she re-joined the culinary team at Sims Corner. Kaela prides herself on continuing to learn and elevate her skills while using local ingredients and making beautiful food.

“I think food is beautiful, and I love how you can create something even more amazing out of an originally beautiful product. It makes me smile, and I want to make other people smile. Food is my passion and I am absolutely honoured to be a part of
your day.”